Lisa Graham-Davies

Creative Producer of Unlocking Potential 

Lisa's Story
Lisa Graham-Davies graduated with an MA Hons in Scottish Literature and Theatre Studies from The University of Glasgow in 2005. She has travelled all over Britain working as a professional actor and now compliments Soul Success creating exciting ideas linked to unlocking potential.

Lisa’s passion is the development and delivery of innovative and exciting courses that incorporate her background in both theatre and play. After graduating from Glasgow, she directed and delivered award winning performances and workshops all over the British Isles. Lisa spent time presenting seminars in schools and then with the Prince’s Trust. Her courses for young people who were facing various life challenges brought about positive change and resulted in her delegates going on to education, jobs or further training.

It was then back to Cardiff University to study Developmental and Therapeutic Play. Connecting to our playful self is a powerful tool that Lisa loves to bring into her training to encourage creativity, mindfulness and wellbeing. Her favourite people to engage in playful times with are her husband Chris and daughter CeeCee.