Top Tips for Success

Top Tips on How To "Maximise Your Moment" In The Work Place 

Play your part
The part that we play in a team is significant and allows us to understand our own value. 

Decide not to be a victim
Stop living in a blame culture, you have to take personal responsibility for you. 

Manage Change.
Change is the only constant in the 21st century working world. Decide to view it as stimulating. 

Top Magic Tips For Positive Connections 

Use positive language. No one wants to listen to others troubles, save it for people who know you well. 

Listen more than you talk! Yes the two ears one mouth thing. People love to talk, listen and learn. 

Have a laugh together! Humour is the universal language used by all and is a great tool to build bonds.

Rest your body and unwind your mind! 

Take time for you!
Make relaxation a regular slot in your life. Diary in time to chill even if it is only 15 minutes a day. 

Choose your company?
Spend time alone and have some time to gather your thoughts, or visit favourite people that make you feel good. 

Think happy thoughts!
Revisit your wonderful memories and your brilliant achievements. Praise yourself for what you've got right so far. 

Recommended Reading List for Excellence in The Work Place

 It’s The Thought That Count’s - Dr David Hamilton PhD
 Don’t Think of Purple Spotted Oranges – Martin Shervington
 NLP - Joseph O’Connor & Ian McDermott
 Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
 Human Moments - Dr Edward Hallowell
 Man’s Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl
 Follow Your Heart – Andrew Matthews
 Soul Sisters – Marion Graham