Team Coaching

These sessions are a real chance for delegates to see each other as people not just job titles. We will look at various roles and responsibilities within a team, highlighting the value of each individual. Group discussion is encouraged on how people change as teams mature. There is also opportunity to discuss how teams maintain a balance that allows all players a chance to participate and also to celebrate their differences. Every player has a unique ability and we highlight their skills to ensure they know they have a place at the team table.

Achievements by the end of the day

• An appreciation of the team and team spirit
• A general understanding of all roles and responsibilities
• Solid foundation to build mutual trust and respect on
• A united team picture and shared vision
• Areas of growth and development highlighted
• Increase in confidence and personal pride
• Focus on goal attainment & success

An occasion for leaders to look at the skills and qualities required to manage winning teams, trust, honesty, pride, passion and enthusiasm to name but a few! Managers will understand the power of praise and also the importance of the position they hold. Managers are creating a culture where team players go the extra mile and understand that personal pride and team spirit are paramount.