Unlocking Potential

1 Day Seminar for Men Dedicated to Success

Bespoke Seminar Designed for Men 
• Ready to take responsibility for their personal development
• Eager to unlock their potential and fulfil their ambitions.
• Keen to reflect, review and move on.
• Dedicated to leadership and team success.

Purpose of the Seminar 
The purpose of the day is to encourage delegates to appreciate and understand their skill set, highlight their unique abilities and acknowledge their achievements. The sessions will be interactive, and also include time to set goals and create a strong vision for future triumphs.

Development Opportunity 
The seminar will be a relaxed, informal, comfortable and respectful learning experience. The day offers you insights into motivation, positive planning, 21st century thinking, leadership, providing communication tools to enhance connections in life and in business. You will end the day with a portfolio that clearly highlights unique abilities and strengths allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Positive Benefits & Learning Outcomes 
 Stronger team player, able to maintain peak performance
 Confident regarding change & challenge
 Successful, self aware & self assured
 Projecting a powerful, professional image
 Driven towards goal attainment
 More creative & productive, positive & focused
 Balanced in life & work

Delivered by Company Director of “Soul Success” Marion Graham. Marion is a fully qualified coach who graduated in 2002 with a distinction in coaching from The Coaching Academy, Europe’s leading coaching organisation. She is a founder member of The Association for Coaching and is responsible for promoting excellence & ethics in coaching & development training across the UK.