Gordon Nuttall Senior Partner Global Jobs Network

Balancing work and family is an art form in itself. I am very focused on being the best husband, father and man I can be – and the time with Marion is beneficial. Additionally, I have seen a huge benefit in the crossover between home and work. The two are not mutually exclusive, and I am seeing the benefit of, ‘Good at life, good at work’ in effect. Being the Managing Partner of an Executive Search firm is a challenging and demanding role and working with Soul Success has been invaluable in assisting me to maintain and target my energy and enthusiasm, remain positive and focused and the results are clearly visible in our firm’s performance.

David McKnight Daiwa Sports Ltd

Marion I enjoyed our coaching session & have managed to take many positives out them that should help me in my working life. I will list below a few things I have been able to take from them, confidence in my speaking, being prepared helps, concentrating on only what I’m speaking about, knowing what I’m speaking about, having eye contact, knowing that not all the room will be paying attention to me for every minute I speak! I feel I can take with me for future speeches. Thanks again.

Colin Meikle Director WI Meikle Ltd Building & Civil Engineering

“I’m in construction. People don’t talk about their feelings in construction; it’s a macho world. Why would I need coaching? Surely this is a sign of weakness. How wrong could I be? Coaching with Marion didn’t really tell me things I didn’t know. Her coaching highlighted things I did know but neglected. Marion focused my mind on how to prioritise what’s important in my personal and business life; after all they are inexplicably linked. Her key skill is that no matter what industry or situation is involved she can identify areas for improvement and lead her clients to take action.

Aileen Jamieson Head of Education Harmeny School Edinburgh

As a senior manager in a residential school a demanding job alongside the whirlwind that has become life can often result in burnout. This was where I found myself when I first met Marion. My sessions with her are my Emotional MOTs. The organisation I work with invested in me-they give me the time to attend the sessions and are aware of the benefits of doing so–they need me to be functioning on all pistons!

Colin Murray Bowen Therapist & Director Glasgow Bowen Clinic

Marion is an excellent training and development coach; she connects with people at a personal level and gets straight to work in a down to earth manner. Marion keeps me on track and focused with gentle reminders and encouragement when needed. With years of experience at every level Marion is a true expert in her field.