Personal Development Coaching

• Do you feel there should be something more to life?
• Have you stopped progressing and stretching yourself?
• Are you playing small when you could be doing so much more?

Personal development is a priority in preschool children and in our young people as they are educated. Then we become grownups and stop doing things that make our heart sing. This is the time to Maximise your Moment!

Personal Development Coaching encourages you to embrace who you are and explore what you would love to do. This is the “Better Life” division of coaching. You only live once and today can‘t be rewound or played again. Let’s get as much out of our journey as we can. What are you passionate about right now? What can’t you wait to do? This is it, no dress rehearsal, this is the main event.

Imagine a movie was made of your life. You have the lead role, you are the star of the show! You are the director, the producer, the editor, you write the script. When you watched it back would it be exciting, fulfilling, an adventure, with drama and romance totally worth watching? Or would it be a dull production?

Book a course of Development Coaching sessions with Marion make her your Life Coach and encourager. Let her champion you and you choose what you’ll do just for the sheer joy of it, just because you can! Make your life story a 5 star production, an adventure and a classic not to be missed!

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