Executive & Corporate Coaching

Corporate Executive Coaching allows positive, progressive thinking time! Invest in professional development with your own personal coach and don’t let negativity rent a space in your head. Get better at life and you’ll get better at business. Behind every truly great business there is a great leader who works with a great coach. Is it time to give your business the edge? Scotland’s Award Winning Coach Marion Graham has an outstanding track record in coaching executives and directors to excel, to exceed their own expectations, beat their fears and stand out in their chosen field. Corporate Coaching increases confidence.

  • Promoting personal responsibility 52%
  • Developing self-awareness 42%
  • Improving specialised skills 38%
  • Clarifying thought 37%
  • Correcting behaviour 33% 

Statistics on Return on Investment  Corporate Coaching reported an average ROI of 6x the cost of coaching
 58% organisations already using coaching have increased staff coached
 95% increase in companies who are using coaches for the first time
 0% companies say coaching "utilization" has declined in the last 5 years
Research from Innovative Leadership International & CIPD

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